Centrifugal Laceration

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Centrifugal Laceration

Centrifugal Laceration

Class Warrior
Casting Passive
Targeting Crescent Swipe

Centrifugal Laceration is a passive offensive Skill that the Warrior can learn.
"Your Crescent Swipe lacerates enemies, causing them to bleed for additional Damage"

Spell Levels

Book Tier Level Req. Damage over time Stacks Bleeding Duration
WarriorBook1.png Tier 1 Level 8 125% as additional damage Stacks up to 3 times 10 Seconds
Tier 2 Level 16 157% as additional damage
WarriorBook2.png Tier 3 Level 24 189% as additional damage
Tier 4 Level 32 221% as additional damage
WarriorBook3.png Tier 5 Level 40 253% as additional damage