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Picking up Items and Gold

Items or gold will sometimes appear on the ground when a monster is defeated. To pick up items and gold, click on them when your character is close to them. You must be close enough to the item or gold pile to pick it up. Items disappear after a time when they are left on the ground.

Inventory window

Press B to open your inventory. Your inventory window will allow you to click-and-drag items around, view the total gold your character currently has, or to
right click on items to drop/equip them or even stash them at your Stash.

Item Rarities

Each item has several stats such as Damage, Defense, Mana regeneration. The quality of these stats is randomized for each item that you find.

Common Quality = 0%~50% roll ( 0-1 additional stats )

Uncommon Quality = 50%~69% roll ( 1-2 additional stats )

Rare Quality = 70%~89% roll ( 2-3 additional stats )

Epic Quality = 90%~100% roll ( 3-4 additional stats )

Selling Items

When you want to sell items, find a base/spawn area that matches your faction. You will also find a purple NPC called “Trader” located there. Get very close to the Trader and then click on it to open the sell menu. You can alt-key plus right-click items to sell them or you can drag them into the sell window that popped up; however, be sure to be close enough to the Trader or it will not work!

Or you can sell items to the Merchant for any price you wish and other players will be able to buy it from you. There is however a tax to pay for posting items on the Merchant.

Trading Items

Currently, if you want to give items to other players you either have to drop the item by right-clicking on it and then click "Drop Item", or you can also sell your item for any price at the Merchant for other players to buy.

Detailed Items List

A comprehensive item list can be found on the official Hordes website -