Monsters are monsters imbued with hatred towards any kind that are not their own and will shred them to pieces if anyone dares to disturb them.
They are also the general economy of Hordes. They drop gold, Items and also give experience points for the player to level up.

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Monster Threats

Monster.png are low threat Monsters.
Miniboss.png are medium threat Minibosses.
Worldboss.png are high threat powerful Worldbosses.

Monster Types

Grublings are the weakest of all the monsters, they are cute, will however still hit you.

Melee Monsters (Sword monster, Warrior monster and King monster) usually get close and personal just to smack you.

Archers shoot arrows at you.

Zombies anything that has a brain, it will attack.

Spiders crawl very fast and strikes at any foe that comes near it.

Golems can be identifed by their taller height than normal Monsters, they are more powerful and have a higher chance of droping more loot.

Some Monsters can also have special offensive/buff abilites such as Ice Bolt, Icicle Orb and many other Spells.

Other monster archetypes have been introduced in the form of Mounts but are not seen as monsters. These archetypes include Wyrm, Scarab, Tick and Pebbles.

The monster "Blacksmith's Grub" has its own mount form.

Monster Level Difference

Monsters 2 levels above player level will take 50% reduced damage.

Monsters 3 levels above player level will take 75% reduced damage.

Monsters 4 levels above player level will take 90% reduced damage.

Monsters 5+ levels above player level will take 99% reduced damage and reduced EXP.

Monsters 10+ levels above player level will grant greatly reduced EXP.

Guardstone Boss Map

Guardstone monsters map.png

Headless Landing Boss Map

Headless monsters map.png

Faivel Boss Map

Faivel monsters map.png