Non Playable Characters


There are 8 Non Playable Characters in Hordes, each offering different services for the bypassing Travelers.

Non Playable Characters are usually found at spawn.



The Trader sells you all Tiers of Potions, Tier 1 Books and Mounts.

All Items can also be sold at the trader for its market price displayed on the item.

The Trader is located in all spawns of each Realm.

Dialog: "Welcome to the best goods around! You aren’t going to find a better deal than what I have for you; however, I hear that there is a special shop with fantastic items unlike anything I’ve ever seen. In the meanwhile, I have some spare coins and spare goods. Would you like to sell anything?"



Merchant lets you sell your items for any price to other players and also lets you buy items from other players. However, posting up items for sale does require tax.

All items bought at the Merchant go to your Stash.

The Merchant is located in the spawn at Guardstone.

Dialog: "Well, look what we have here! No, that equipment won’t do, will it? Take a look at the open market! Rumors are spreading; I’ve heard of Warcry Scrolls that can teleport a friend to your position. Let’s just keep that between us, okay?"



The Stash lets you store your Items, however, space is not shared between characters.

All Items bought at the Merchant go to your Stash, as well as gold gotten from selling at the global market.

The Stash is located in all spawns of each Realm.

Dialog: "Yes, I'm a talking chest, I can see the question forming on your lips already. Many years have I served royal families, storing their priceless gems and jewels, only for me to be placed in this filthy campsite to cater for your petty needs. Anyhow, would you like me to offer you my services?"



The Blacksmith lets you upgrade your Items for the price of some Runes and Gold.

With each upgrade, the cost gets higher.

Upgrading has a chance to fail and upon failure, the item won't break but any material or gold used will be destroyed.

The Blacksmith is located in Guardstone.

Dialog: "Upgrading is risky without additional special items like a Blacksmith's Blessed Hammer, which can prevent items from breaking during upgrades. Without the hammer, we will be taking a risk. So, surely you have something that I can upgrade for you today?"



The Conjurer lets you travel to other Realms.

Each map has a different level requirement:

Headless Landing requires you to be level 25+

Faivel requires you to belevel 35+

The Conjurer is located in all spawns of each Realm.

Dialog: "Have you heard of the Crystal Shards that were discovered recently? Adventurers can use them to travel directly to distant realms. I don't have any Crystal Shards, but I can send you to some places since mystic forces converge at this nexus. Which realm is your desired destination?"



The Sage lets you reset stat points in exchange for a small price.

With each level of your character, the price gets increased.

The Sage is located in Guardstone

Dialog: "Burdened minds are filled with opinions aplenty; a cup can be quite useful if first found empty. How may I help you on your path toward enlightenment?"



The King guards the spawn and is the leader of its faction.

The King is located in the spawn at Guardstone.



The Warden guards the spawn with the King.

There's usually more than one Warden in spawn

The Warden is located in all spawns of each Realms.