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Warrior is one of the four Classes in Hordes
"Warriors are built to tank more monsters than any other class by having high defense through equipment (Shields) and strong defensive buffs."


Icon Name Casting Targeting Description
Bloodline.png Bloodline Skill Passive Skill Buff permanently You inherited special abilities through your ancestry and family traditions, granting you extra benefits from certain stat
ConjurersRecall.png Conjurers Recall Timed Cast Requires no target Teleport to the nearest Conjurer
AutoAttack.png Auto Attack Instant Cast Melee attack on cast Perform automatic melee attacks with your weapon
Slash.png Slash Instant Cast Melee attack on cast Slash your enemy, striking with extra force
ArmorReinforcement.png Armor Reinforcement Passive Skill Buff permanently Passively increase your Defense
CrescentSwipe.png Crescent Swipe Instant Cast Melee attack on cast Swiftly swing your sword around you, damaging enemies within a radius
Bulwark.png Bulwark Instant Cast Buff on cast Increase your block chance temporarily, while raising your damage for each successful block
Taunt.png Taunt Instant Cast Buff on cast Taunt surrounding enemies, forcing them to target and move towards you for a brief moment. Interrupts spell casts and resets aggro for all monsters
CentrifugalLaceration.png Centrifugal Laceration Passive Skill Buff permanently Your Crescent Swipe Lacerates enemies, causing them to bleed for additional Damage
Charge.png Charge Instant Cast Charge on cast Charge towards your target while also stunning it. Stun duration increases with charge distance
Crusader'sCourage.png Crusader's Courage Instant Cast Buff on cast You and your party members gain additional Defense temporarily
Unholy Warcry.png Unholy Warcry Instant Cast Buff on cast You and your party members deal additional Damage temporarily
ColossalReconstruction.png Colossal Reconstruction Instant Cast Buff on cast While active you are healed each time you block an attack
Tempering.png Tempering Instant Cast Buff on cast You slow down for 2 seconds. Then, if you are incapacitated: all control impairing effects are removed, your Charge cooldown is reset and you gain 20 Movement Speed for 3 seconds