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The Arena is an additional game mode in Hordes.

The Arena features unique PVP that rewards players for their skill and dedication.

Arena Queue

The Arena requires you to join a queue in order to be entered into a match. There are two types of Arena queues.

1. 3 players versus 3 players

2. 5 players versus 5 players

To queue up for an Arena match, first create a party.

Following this, click on Queue.png and choose which queue you would like your party to join

Queue List.png

Arena Ranks

There are 5 Arena Ranks.

Bronze Steel Silver Gold Diamond

Bronze Rank requires 0-1600 Arena Rating.

Steel Rank requires 1600-1800 Arena Rating.

Silver Rank requires 1800-2000 Arena Rating.

Gold Rank requires 2000-2200 Arena Rating.

Diamond Rank requires 2200+ Arena Rating.

Arena Rating can be increased by winning Arena matches. However, your Arena Rating can also be lowered should you lose a match.

Your Arena Rating will affect the size and design of your shoulder pads.

Shoulder Pads

Arena Rewards

The Arena rewards you with Medal Medals for winning matches. Only your first 5 Arena wins of the day will yield Medals. To earn more, you must wait for the daily reward, or the Arena restart.

Medals can be used to buy Charms which can aid you in combat, providing you with unique abilities.