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The Blacksmith is an NPC in Hordes that upgrades your Items.

"Upgrading is risky without additional special items like a Blacksmith's Blessed Hammer, which can prevent items from breaking during upgrades. Without the hammer, we will be taking a risk. So, surely you have something that I can upgrade for you today?"

Image: Blacksmith


The Blacksmith lets you upgrade your Items for the price of some Runes and Gold.

With each upgrade, the cost gets higher.

Upgrading has a chance to fail and upon failure, the item won't break but any material or gold used will be destroyed.


The Blacksmith is located in the spawn of Guardstone.


Rune Prices
Upgrade Level Runes Needed
+1 1 Lucid Lucid
+2 2 Lucids Lucid
+3 2 Melants Melant
3 Lucids Lucid
+4 1 Turim Turim
2 Melants Melant
3 Lucids Lucid
+5 1 Fundo Fundo
2 Turims Turim
3 Melants Melant
+6 1 Amari Amari
2 Fundos Fundo
3 Turims Turim