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Classes play an important part in the gameplay of Hordes. Each class is very unique and has its own pros and cons.

There are four Classes in Hordes.


Warriors are built to tank more monsters than any other class by having high defense through equipment (Shields) and strong defensive buffs.

The Warrior is usually the center of a party since he is tasked to tank the monsters most of the time and requires a lot of healing, in wars Warriors fight in the frontline using their spells to tank damage and disrupt spell casting.


Mages deal very heavy large scale Area of Effect damage, while also providing utility through slowing targets with their ice based magic.

Mage is a great DPS in parties and also very useful for freezing enemies/monsters in place to give some time for the party to re-group,they are very important during wars as they can root and freeze enemies which can leave them vurnable.


Archers deal high single target damage and bursty Area of Effect damage. A good archer will always keep their distance and snipe enemies from afar.

Archer is very useful for taking down bosses in parties and taking down weakened enemies very quickly.


The Shaman's role is to support the group by healing the Tank and offering offensive Buffs or crippling Debuffs.

The Shaman is a very useful class to have when in a party, since the buffs and healing are very good for efficient party farming, they are especially very important in wars.