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The Conjurer is an NPC in Hordes that lets you travel to other Maps.

"Have you heard of the Crystal Shards that were discovered recently? Adventurers can use them to travel directly to distant realms. I don't have any Crystal Shards, but I can send you to some places since mystic forces converge at this nexus. Which realm is your desired destination?"

Image: Conjurer


The Conjurer lets you travel to other Maps.

Each map has a different level requirement:

Guardstone none

Headless requires level 25+

Faivel requires level 35+

When using Conjurers Recall you are warped to the conjurer and given the Recall Shift Status Effect which gives +20 move speed for 4 seconds, similar to the Shaman's Summon skill.


The Conjurer is located in all spawns of each Map.