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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I feel that I am not getting the full value of my block percentage?

A: Make sure you are facing the attacker. If you are not facing the attacker, your block percentage applied is halved. Even with Ice Shield activated which gives you over 100% block chance, it is still possible to be hit and not block if you are not facing the attacker.

Q: Why are my item searches in the merchant not working?

A: Item searches in the merchant are case sensitive. Make sure you are using the correct spelling and spacing. "level" can be abbreviated as "lv." Capitalization is not necessary.

Q: Why do I feel that leveling up takes a very long time?

A: Leveling up in hordes.io is a slow process. However, there are many ways to speed up the process. It is highly recommended to only kill monsters with a level equal to your character's level or one level higher. Additionally, try to farm larger groups of monsters.