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The Ghastling is one of the many Monsters in They are level 2 and are found in Guardstone.


A Light Cyan-White Zombie with Red eyes.


This type of monster is found in Guardstone in the Bloodlust part of the map. They are found in a Tomb-like building in the far Northwest to the map (a bit more Southeast in relation to Bloodlust's base), near where level 1 Grubs and level 2 Green Grubs are. It is possible that Ghastly Grubs are the replacement of Ghastlings, but with a more advanced level and strenght.


  • Ghastlings are the secondary early way to farm near Bloodlust's base, if you don't want to farm (Mature) Grubs or they're already being defeated by other players, this is a good option. There are only 3 of them, so the problem won't be THAT big.
  • Ghastlings are more advanced than those Grubs, but can be defeated with your first spell (like Ice Bolt)



  • This is one of the mobs that never appeared with a Yellow-colored level, alongside Grub Younglings, level 1 Grubs, level 2 Green Grubs (all found in Guardstone), Gnome Archers, Gnome Kings (both found in Headless), level 2 Cyan Grubs and level 2 Mature Grubs (both found in Guardston, too).
  • This is one of the mobs that never appeared with a Red-colored level, alongside with the previously mentioned mobs, level 3 Cyan Grubs, level 3 and 5 Mature Grubs, level 4 and 5 Grub Patriarchs, level 5 Infested Grubs, Disguised Golems, Blacksmith's Grubs, Babels, Bobbies, level 4 and 5 Grub Mothers, Woodworms, Purple Grubs and Identity Crisis Golems.
  • This is the first zombie type you see in, considering you did go to their place