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A list of some useful Guides to aid Hordes beginners.
Videos listed below were made by fans and are not official content.

Getting Started

Basic information guide by "Damagefury": Hordes.IO The Complete Beginners Guide (Duration: 7:19)

PVE Farming

Guide to good farming tips/spots by "GG Jay": Hordes io Leveling Guide (Duration: 26:26)

Very informative leveling guide by "Damagefury": Hordes.IO Leveling Guide (Duration: 4:21)

Gold farming guide by "Damagefury": Hordes.IO Beginner Gold Guide! (Duration: 5:15)

Gold farming locations by "GG Jay": Hordes io Money Making Guide (its a Long one) (Duration: 39:46)


Warrior guide by "GG Jay": Hordes io Warrior Guide (Duration: 13:45)

PVE Mage guide by "GG Jay": Hordes io PvE Mage Guide (Duration: 15:36)

PVE Archer guide by "GG Jay": Hordes io PvE Archer Guide (Duration: 11:21)

Archer guide by "Damagefury": Hordes io Archer Guide (Duration: 6:12)


Fame Ranks explanation by "GG Jay": PvP Fame Ranks Explained Hordes io (Duration: 4:04)


How to get to different Realms explanation by "GG Jay": Hordes io Zones Explained (Duration: 3:41)

Basic "Locating Things" guide by "GG Jay": Hordes io Where When and How Tutorial (Duration: 5:41)