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Mage is one of the four Classes in Hordes
"Mages deal very heavy large scale Area of Effect damage, while also providing utility through slowing targets with their ice based magic."


Icon Name Casting Targeting Description
Bloodline.png Bloodline Skill Passive Skill Buff permanently You inherited special abilities through your ancestry and family traditions, granting you extra benefits from certain stats
ConjurersRecall.png Conjurers Recall Timed Cast Requires no target Teleport to the nearest Conjurer.
IceBolt.png Ice Bolt Timed Cast Ranged missile on cast Fires a missile of frost towards your enemy. Reduces the cooldown of Icicle Orb by 0.5 seconds. Freezes targets for up to 4 stacks, at which they will be stunned and take 50% increased damage.
ChillingRadiance.png Chilling Radiance Instant Cast Debuff on cast Emit a chilling shockwave of ice around you, damaging and freezing enemies. Increases the critical hit chance of some of your spells.
Teleport.png Teleport Instant Cast Requires no target Instantly teleport into the direction you are facing.
IceShield.png Ice Shield Instant Cast Buff on cast Protects you against the next incoming attacks.
IcicleOrb.png Icicle Orb Timed Cast Ranged missile on cast Summon a large orb, ejecting icicles hitting all enemies in its path.
HypothermicFrenzy.png Hypothermic Frenzy Instant Cast Buff on cast You gain Haste and all your damage output is increased. Resets the cooldown of Icicle Orb.
Enchantment.png Enchantment Timed Cast Buff on cast Increase your targets Damage.
ArcticAura.png Arctic Aura Instant Cast Buff on cast You and your party members gain additional Crit%.