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Minibosses are slightly stronger than normal Monsters, usually, they boast great AOE abilities but moderate damage.

They can be found in all 3 Maps of Hordes.


Miniboss.png Babel (Lvl. 3)
Miniboss.png Bobby (Lvl. 4)
Miniboss.png Grub Mother (Lvl. 4)
Miniboss.png Grub Mother (Lvl. 5)
Miniboss.png Forgotten Frank (Lvl. 5)
Miniboss.png Ro'blox the Necromancer (Lvl. 12)
Miniboss.png Outraged Skeleton (Lvl. 12)
Miniboss.png Nopus Majorus (Lvl. 13)
Miniboss.png Coal Golem (Lvl. 16)
Miniboss.png Ancient Evile (Lvl. 18)
Miniboss.png Treant (Lvl. 22)


Miniboss.png Felicia (Lvl. 27)
Miniboss.png Grand Monkey (Lvl. 27)
Miniboss.png Angela (Lvl. 27)
Miniboss.png Devastated Architect (Lvl. 27)
Miniboss.png Mountain Giant (Lvl. 28) (Bloodlust side)
Miniboss.png Mountain Giant(Lvl. 28) (Vanguard side)
Miniboss.png Duke of Aleia (Lvl. 30)
Miniboss.png Grand Mummy (Lvl. 30)
Miniboss.png Hardened Crawler (Lvl. 30)
Miniboss.png Elder Mountain Troll (Lvl. 32)
Miniboss.png Ancient Mummy (Lvl. 33)
Miniboss.png Desert Scourge (Lvl. 34)
Miniboss.png Gatekeeper (Lvl. 35)
Miniboss.png Crypt Keeper (Lvl. 35)


Miniboss.png Giant Woodworm (Lvl. 36)
Miniboss.png Plague Queen (Lvl. 36)
Miniboss.png Drowned Viking King (Lvl. 37)
Miniboss.png Woodhead Queen (Lvl. 37)
Miniboss.png Blank (Lvl. 37)
Miniboss.png Great White (Lvl. 38)
Miniboss.png Woodland Novice (Lvl. 38)
Miniboss.png Sound of Silence (Lvl. 38)
Miniboss.png Woodland King (Lvl. 39)
Miniboss.png Shipwrecked Buccaneer (Lvl. 39)
Miniboss.png Giant Lemon Warrior (Lvl. 39)
Miniboss.png Orc Chief (Lvl. 41)
Miniboss.png Tribal Leader (Lvl. 42)
Miniboss.png Ancient Behemoth (Lvl. 42)
Miniboss.png Fearless Naked Leader (Lvl. 40)
Miniboss.png Giant Boner (Lvl. 42)
Miniboss.png Bob the Boulder (Lvl. 42)