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Mounts are Items in Hordes
"Mounts can be summoned to move faster when traveling, however they can not be used in PvP."
Mounts are bought within the Trader for gold, with the grub being worth 8 gold, and the spider costing 16, rare and epic variants may only be discovered by buying the Mysterious Saddle Chest at the Trader for Hordes Points. Mounts are character bound and cannot be sold on the Merchant or dropped.

Icon Name Rarity
Grubling.png Grubling Uncommon
Spider.png Spider Uncommon
Leafspider.png Leafspider Rare
RubyCrawler.png Ruby Crawler Rare
Tick.png Tick Epic
Shadowstrider.png Shadowstrider Epic
Pebbles.png Pebbles Rare
EmberPebbles.png Ember Pebbles Epic
EtherWyrm.png Ether Wyrm Epic
ShadowWyrm.png Shadow Wyrm Epic
SandScarab.png Sand Scarab Rare
GoldenScarab.png Golden Scarab Epic
FlamingSkullspider.png Flaming Skullspider Epic
BlacksmithsGrub.png Blacksmith's Grub Rare
Snowball.png Snowball Epic