Mysterious Saddle Chest

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Mysterious Saddle Chest

Mysterious Saddle Chest

Rarity Epic

Mysterious Saddle Chest is a consumable Box Item that contains high rarity Mounts
Contains one random Mounts of rare or epic quality.
"Shipped from the unexplored regions of Faivel. The contents of this cage cannot be inspected until opened."

Loot Table

Icon Name Rarity
Leafspider.png Leafspider Rare
RubyCrawler.png Ruby Crawler Rare
Pebbles.png Pebbles Rare
SandScarab.png Sand Scarab Rare
BlacksmithsGrub.png Blacksmiths Grub Rare
Tick.png Tick Epic
Shadowstrider.png Shadowstrider Epic
EmberPebbles.png Ember Pebbles Epic
EtherWyrm.png Ether Wyrm Epic
ShadowWyrm.png Shadow Wyrm Epic
GoldenScarab.png Golden Scarab Epic
FlamingSkullspider.png Flaming Skullspider Epic
Snowball.png Snowball Epic