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Orbs are Offhand Items in Hordes.io used by the Mage
"Orbs increase your intelligence, mp regen and sometimes also boosts other stats for your character."

Tier Icon Name Level Req.
1 RatSkull.png Rat Skull Level 2
2 CrystalGlobe.png Crystal Globe Level 12
3 SeersStone.png Seer's Stone Level 22
4 PhilosophersStone.png Philosopher's Stone Level 32
5 CyclopsEye.png Cyclops's Eye Level 42
6 NuwasRondure.png Nüwa's Rondure Level 52
7 BaetylussEye.png Baetylus's Eye Level 62
8 BenbenStone.png Benben Stone Level 72
9 Silthrim.png Silthrim Level 82
10 LichsPhylactery.png Lich's Phylactery Level 92