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Party.png Party is a way for players to have easier communication and grouping (10 players max.) in Hordes to farm/fight together.
Parties have their own chat (/party to access it)

Create a Party

To create a party:

  1. Click on Party.png
  2. Then on "Create Party" CreateParty.png

Inviting players

Note : You need to be at least Assistant PartyAssistant.png to invite players!

To invite a player :

  1. Select the player (Click on it in-game)
  2. Right-click on his life bar Partyinvite.png
  3. Click on Party Invite

Joining/Leaving a Party

To join a party :

  • Click on Joinparty.png to join a random party
  • Accept an invitation to a Party

To Leave a party :

  1. Click on Party.png (or on your life bar) and then on "Leave Party" Leaveparty.png

Party Roles

There are 3 roles in a party:

  • Memberparty.png Member is the basic role attributed to every player joining the party

No special permission.

  • PartyAssistant.png Assistant is a role that can be only attributed by a player owning Leader role.

Can invite players to the party.

  • PartyLeader.png Leader is a role attributed to the player who creates the party that can also be attributed by a player owning the Leader role.

Can invite players to the party.
Can kick Assistants or Members.
Can Promote/Demote Members or Assistants.


  1. The party can contain several Assistants/Leaders
  2. If the only Leader of the party leaves it, then the Leader role will be attributed randomly to one of the Assistants. If there is no Assistant in the Party, the role will be attributed randomly to one of the Members.

Managing Party members

Note: Only Assistants or Leaders of the party can manage members.

To manage a player:

  1. Right-click on his life bar in the party's members list
  2. Select what you want to do (Kick/Promote/Demote) PartyManage.png

Party Informations

A lot of information is given about the party's members on the upper left corner of your screen:


  • PartyInfo2.png Active buffs/debuffs/skills of the player
  • PartyLeader.png Class of the player (Warrior/Mage/Archer/Shaman) and his role in the party (Leader/Assistant/Member)
  • PartyInfo4.png Number on the Left represents how many players are near you / Number on the Right represents how many players are in the party
  • PartyInfo6.png Name and Level of the player
  • PartyInfo5.png Current HP and MP of the player


  • To activate the MP and Level information, you need to turn on "Party Mana" in your parameters PartyInfo7.png
  • Party notsameworld.png This means that you are not in the same world as the player, showing you in which world he is located.