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Class Shaman
Casting Instant Cast
Targeting Ally

Revitalize is a support Skill that the Shaman can cast.
"Heal a friendly target over a short duration, stacking up to 3 times while also increasing the power of your Mend."

At 1 stacks: Empower Mend by 30% and Empower Revitalize by 0%

Spell Levels

Book Tier Level Req. MP Cost Range Duration
ShamanBook1.png Tier 1 Level 3 6 MP 30 meters 12 seconds
Tier 2 Level 11 9 MP
ShamanBook2.png Tier 3 Level 19 12 MP
Tier 4 Level 27 15 MP
ShamanBook3.png Tier 5 Level 35 18 MP