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Shaman is one of the four Classes in Hordes
"The Shaman's role is to support the group by healing the Tank and offering offensive Buffs or crippling Debuffs."


Icon Name Casting Targeting Description
Bloodline.png Bloodline Skill Passive Skill Buff permanently You inherited special abilities through your ancestry and family traditions, granting you extra benefits from certain stats.
ConjurersRecall.png Conjurers Recall Timed Cast Requires no target Teleport to the nearest Conjurer
AutoAttack.png Auto Attack Instant Cast Melee attack on cast Perform automatic melee attacks with your weapon.
Decay.png Decay Instant Cast Ranged missile on cast Curse your enemy with a spell of decay, dealing initial damage and additional damage over time.
Revitalize.png Revitalize Timed Cast Stackable buff on cast Heal a friendly target over a short duration, stacking up to 3 times while also increasing the power of your Mend.
Plaguespreader.png Plaguespreader Passive Skill Buff permanently Decay deals damage and jumps to a nearby enemy if the current target is already affected by Decay. Additionally, casting Decay grants you Haste for a short duration.
Summon.png Summon Timed Cast Requires no target Summon your party members, allowing them to instantly teleport towards you.
MimirsWell.png Mimir's Well Instant Cast Buff on cast You and your party members generate extra mana passively.
Mend.png Mend Instant Cast Heal on cast Heal a friendly target. Amount is increased for each stack of Revitalize.
Soul Harvest.png Soul Harvest Instant Cast Magic attack on cast Reap the souls of nearby enemies affected by Decay, dealing damage and granting you mana for each harvested soul.
SpiritAnimal.png Spirit Animal Instant Cast Buff on cast Turn into your spirit animal for additional movementspeed, removing all movement impairing effects active at the point of the transformation. All spellcasting will cancel this effect.
CanineHowl.png Canine Howl Instant Cast Buff on cast You and your entire party enrages with haste, causing you to attack faster.
Agonize.png Agonize Timed Cast Debuff on cast Turns your target into a zombie, interrupting all spellcasting and slowing movement for the duration.
HealingTotem.png Healing Totem Timed Cast Requires no target Place a totem on the ground healing your entire party temporarily.