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Class Warrior
Casting Instant Cast
Targeting Enemy

Slash is a offensive Skill that the Warrior can cast.
"Slash your enemy, striking with extra force. Heals you for 5% of the damage done."

Spell Levels

Book Tier Level Req. MP Cost Daze Chance Damage Multiplier Cooldown Lifesteal
WarriorBook1.png Tier 1 Level 1 2 MP 8% 1.24x 12 seconds 5% of damage done
Tier 2 Level 9 3 MP 16% 1.38x
WarriorBook2.png Tier 3 Level 17 4 MP 24% 1.52x
Tier 4 Level 25 5 MP 32% 1.66x
WarriorBook3.png Tier 5 Level 33 6 MP 40% 1.80x
  • Damage done depends on your stats and gear (Min-Max damage stats), then multiplied by the damage multiplier on each damage/heal skill and lastly calculated by target's defense.