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The Stash is an NPC in Hordes that stashes your Items.

"Yes, I'm a talking chest, I can see the question forming on your lips already. Many years have I served royal families, storing their priceless gems and jewels, only for me to be placed in this filthy campsite to cater for your petty needs. Anyhow, would you like me to offer you my services?"

Image: Stash


The Stash lets you store your Items. Space is shared between characters and you can withdraw and deposit gold in the Stash, as of Patch 0.26.3223

All Items bought at the Merchant go to your Stash, as well as gold gotten from selling at the global market.


The Stash is located in all spawns of each Map.

Stash Storage Limit

The Stash gets upgraded from 15 storage space to 100 storage space if you have Elixir.