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Worldbosses are the most powerful Monsters, usually, they boast great AOE abilities but and powerful damage.

They can be found in all 3 Maps of Hordes.

Worldboss.png Udei (Lvl. 26) and Worldboss.png Vuldru (Lvl. 26) are located in Guardstone.

Udei has a powerful AOE attack Crescent Swipe that makes any foe hit, bleed with damage over time.
The two Vuldru's are Udei's companions and shoot deadly arrows at any foe that comes nearby.

BoneMother Hordesio.png

Worldboss.png Bonemother (Lvl. 35) is located in Headless Landing.

Bonemother charges any foe that nears to close to her crib and strikes it down.

Shatterspine Hordesio.png

Worldboss.png Shatterspine (Lvl. 45) is located in Faivel.

Shatterspine freezes any opponents that come close to it with devastating Ice Bolts.